Buyers agent FAQ’s – PropertyWizards


Q. What is the difference between a buyer's agent and a selling agent?
A. A licensed real estate buyer's agent works exclusively for you, the buyer.
Selling agents represent the interests of the vendor (the seller) and are therefore unable to give you impartial advice that is in your best interests. Their responsibility is to sell the property for the highest possible price; your goal is to buy it for the lowest possible price. And you’ll find that selling agents simply cannot give you the dedicated time and attention that you want to find and buy the property that’s right for you.

As a buyer’s agency, Property Wizards goes much further in understanding and serving your needs, organising all the details for you, and giving you expert advice that’s got only your interests in mind. Top Of Page


Q. Isn’t this service really for overseas buyers and people with huge budgets?
A. Property Wizards works for local and overseas buyers and the minimum budget is determined only by the price of properties in the areas we cover.

As long as you recognise the benefit of getting expert, professional input, you’ll see the value of having us work for you. You’ll probably use professionals to sell your property and do your conveyancing, so why not get the experts on your side in searching for and buying property as well. 
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Q. Will Property Wizards guarantee to find me a property? How long will it take?
A. If we think your search brief is unachievable, we’ll tell you that before you engage us.
Our usual time for a search is 4-8 weeks, depending on market conditions and your specific requirements. Top Of Page 


Q. How do real estate agents respond to working with Property Wizards?
A. Real estate selling agents are highly cooperative and helpful when dealing with buyer’s agents.
However, once we are negotiating terms and price with a selling agent, we are on opposing sides of the negotiation. It is our skill as buyer’s agents to understand the tricks of the trade, and use our position of advantage to achieve the best price and terms for our clients. Top Of Page


Q. Are Buyer's Agents fees tax-deductible?
A. If you are purchasing an investment property, the cost of using a Buyer's Agent may be tax deductible. You should check with your accountant if this is possible in your situation.
Unfortunately, there are no tax savings if you are purchasing a house or apartment to live in. Top Of Page


Q. How much does Property Wizards charge for its service?
A. There is an up front Activation Fee upon appointment to begin the property search. Once a suitable property has been located and successfully purchased, we then charge a final Success Fee.

Our clients recognize that we generally save you at least the cost our fee in the negotiation. But the real added value is in the potential for higher growth in value by finding a better property.


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