Market Planning

Before you launch a marketing campaign, answer the following questions about your business and your product or service

  • Have you analysed the market for your product or service? Do you know which features of your product or service will appeal to different market segments?
  • In forming your marketing message, have you described how your product or service will benefit your clients?
  • Have prepared a priced schedule? What kind of discounts do you offer, and whom do you offer them?
  • Have you prepared a sales forecast?
  • What type of media you will use in your marketing campaign?
  • Have you planned any sales promotions?
  • Have you planned a publicity campaign?
  • Do your marketing materials mention any optional accessories or added services that consumers might want to purchase?
  • If you offer a product, have you prepared clear operating and assembly instructions? What kind of warranty do you provide? What type of customer service or support do you offer after the sale?
  • Is your style of packaging likely to appeal your target market?
  • How will distribute your product?
  • Have you prepared job descriptions for all the employees needed to carry out your marketing plans?

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