Silent Sales – PK Property

Silent Sales

What is a silent sale?

A Silent sale is a property marketed by a vendor through other methods rather than the internet or newspapers. Did you also know that silent sales can account for up to 60% of properties available for sale?

What are the key benefits for our clients purchasing a silent sale?

Silent sales don’t attract as many buyers and sometimes you are the only buyer, which ends up limiting the competitive environment, therefore allowing us in most cases to negotiate a lower purchase price. Our clients get access to 100% of what’s truly available for sale, not just what’s  advertised in the papers, or on the internet

In some cases a vendor is prepared to take a fair, or lower than fair market value for their property for the following reasons:

  1. So they can avoid expensive advertising & Auction marketing Campaigns
  2. So they can avoid stressful open house inspections
  3. So they can keep confidentiality and security at a maximum
  4. So they only deal with qualified buyers
  5. So they reduce agent selling fees, or pay no fees at all
  6. So they have a hassle free property sale

How does PK Find these silent sales?

  1. Real Estate agents call us first before they list a property for public sale
  2. PK sends out your property brief to our data base of around 5000 agents
  3. Sellers know to call us with their property before listing it with an agent for sale
  4. Past clients call us before they sell, to see if we can match any of our present clients to their property
  5. Having one of our buyer’s agents letterbox drop your favourite street in the hope that someone will want to sell privately to avoid using a real estate agent
  6. When we sign a new client in most cases they have a property to sell once purchased

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