How to Create an Irresistible Professional Brand in 13 Easy Steps.

Branding is the new key to success. Now is the time position yourself for success, while proactively managing your professional and personal brand.

Your personal/professional  brand affects everything including your :

  • Marketability
  • Market position
  • Market penetration
  • Ability to attract and keep clients
  • The price clients are willing to pay for your products and services
  • Trust and credibility 

Grace and Charm Insight: Living your personal brand means that you represent yourself – with personality and integrity. (c)2011 graceandcharm

1. Wear great clothes.  When you wear great clothes more people will take you seriously. Trust and credibility is establishes instantly. Pay attention to details, details and more details. A missing button, a drooping hemline, a run in your stocking, a not so white blouse, a bulging,over sized handbag.  Are your shoes clean and polished?

2. Become memorable.  Look devastating, develop your own personal alluring signature style that will attract more money, power and influence.  A great watch, or bag, pin, glasses etc.

3. Give complements freely. People love to be complimented, it raises their self esteem and reinforces their decision that they made the right decision to connect with you.

4. Command attention without saying a word. Important people get noticed immediately, with a combination of attitude and actions. When entering a room step to the right of the door, survey the room.

5. Never complain, criticize or condemn. Those that make the most money are paid for finding solutions. There is no such thing as a fixed income just a fixed mindset.

6. Smile and make eye contact. Successful and confident people make direct eye contact.  A smile opens the door and breaks down barriers.

7. Have an attitude of gratefulness. When you are grateful you send of positive energy, people are drawn to people who are positive.

8. Three (3) Second rule.   Extend yourself to those you don’t know well. Notice someone  and   within  three seconds go over and introduce yourself.

9. Move slowly-People who move fractionally more slowly than others tend to get noticed and come across as sexy.

10.Toot your own horn: Celebrate  who you are in your uniqueness and celebrate your successes and the successes of others. Everyday  do at least one thing that puts you into the world more brilliantly, more attractively and more triumphantly than you were yesterday.

11.Become a philanthropist.  Philanthropy is not limited to those who give great sums of money.  Philanthropy as defined by The Free Online Dictionary is: deliberate affection for mankind, shown in contributions of money, property, or work for the benefit of others. I started an organization called My Dreams do Come True, our mission is to provide any girl who wants to attend her prom a dress, free of charge.  That is how I give back to the community.

12. Become a published author, again another way to gain expert statues in your field.

13. Practice good manners.  People like to be around those who are kind and considerate. You are also setting standards for others’ behavior and encouraging them to treat you with similar respect.

Grace and Charm Insight: Many people think etiquette is all about the fork you use.  It is not! Developing your social skills will:

  •  Increase your earning potential by opening doors of opportunity
  •  Enhance your relationships
  • Attract better and higher paying customers or clients
  • Clients become raving fans
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Position you to attain power and influence
  • Win the support of others who can help you achieve your goals
  • More media opportunities
  • Establishes immediate trust and credibility 

Business etiquette is a necessity even more in today’s business world where it does not only give you a competitive edge over the competition but also brands you as the preferred, partner to do business with.

Your company’s brand or your personal/professional brand is what separates you from your competition. It’s what will get your customers to buy from you over and over again.

You are a product! The greatest brand in the world is YOU.


By Walethia Aquil


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